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 you will be blessed!

- Tony Robbins

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Pavithra Ramakrishnan

I really feel blessed to meet a person like you and so happy to get connected with you.  I had two sessions till now and the positive impact you created in my life is tremendous. Never in my life I have journaled things but it's because of you I'm doing it and it really does work..I started attracting good energies after your session. You have enormous energy and you share those energies with people and the effect is that who I am today. You have some " MAGIC" In your voice. Thank you for coming into my life and for guiding me.

Abhinand Peta

"Ritu is a through professional and she has the ability to make the client realise in what situation they currently are and helps to over the difficult situations by giving valuable advise and feasible solutions. She has also a great level of patience to listen to our issues completely and suggest something valuable. I would definitely recommend Ritu for any of counseling."

bhavana REDDY C.H.

"One of her most impactful moments was ,how she handled me. I really started my life afresh.I took a step ahead to fulfil my dream, which i thought it can never be fulfilled. Now i am working towards my dream. This could never happen if i did not meet her.
She reshaped me as a whole new human being, through the counselling sessions. thank you .i wish you all the best. Let Shine Space bring in light to the lives of the people who needs help. God bless

Santhosh D U

Ma'am being a kind and patiently listener, given utmost care for me in every session, I am always excited to hear the voice not only because being a client, but to hear her voice which makes my negative emotions go far away. The voice has such a magic positive energy which has transformed me alot. And ma'am is being one of the reason for my happiness which am having today.
One can approach ritu ma'am to seek help for various psychological issues.

niyas n

She was really amazing πŸ˜„ the therapy was great if any one have issues go for her it will change your way of thinking habits everything. We can realise what we are and what we need .

Thanks a lot Ritu for your support and help πŸ˜πŸ’

lakshman rp

After the first visit. I'm posting this review. Ritu is kind, very intelligent and positive thinking person. Ritu, A kind of a guide who can show us the path to solve any type of matters. During my meet, she made me to understand the root cause of my problem and gave ideas on how to win over it. Her ideas helped a lot to me after implying. I felt super confident after meeting Ritu.
Don't be afraid of the problem.. just face it and for sure it will be all over. πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

Vishnu Komath

Thank you for all your help for almost two years now. I truly value your advises and it has helped in many ways that I am not wise enough to put in words here. :)
Thank you for helping me to see reason in the cloud of emotions, And I hope we can continue our association.

Roopam Mishra

She is very efficient and charming. Can help you with your life very subtle manner.
Thank you for being there for me.

jahnavi allu

Ritu has been my therapist for a while now and can say she knows what she’s doing! She has very many tricks up her sleeve to help others heal! Again, one has to have a rapport with their therapist for this to work so, she made it easy for me to build it with her and helped me get better in many ways! I absolutely recommended her!

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